Man is a walking mystery. Either he scolds inexpensive bluetooth headphones for , then he suddenly forgets about the sound and is ready to pay for Knops earplugs with mechanical volume control.

Earplugs (Russian abbreviation for “take care of your ears”) — devices inserted into the ear canals that protect against noise, water and foreign objects.

At the time of writing:

  • €100,000 out of €30,000 raised (330%);
  • There are more than 1,000 people’s investors;
  • There are 13 days left until the end of the campaign.

How the Amsterdam craftsmen managed to achieve success where, at first glance, it is impossible.

Firstly, the material is masterfully presented with interspersed with local Scandinavian blondes. Men are interested.


Secondly, the team put together a compelling video showing a cute guy with Knops earplugs surrounded by various freaks. By adjusting the volume of external noise with a rotary ring, the silent hero survives in difficult conditions. The roller acts equally positively on men and women.

Third, the Knobs color palette and finish covers most user preferences. Only 8 options.


Noise is limited by closing the diaphragm with a ring, located inside the case resembling the mouthpiece of a gramophone. There are 4 volume levels available.


Campaign motto: tired of headphones — turn off the sound.
Project on Kickstarter: Knops – The volume button for your ears

What do you think is a worthwhile thing? Do I need to order or money down the drain?

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