Apple today released the second generation of AirPods. They turned out not quite the same as we expected, but still different from the previous revision.

Does it make sense to take this generation or is it better to wait for AirPods 3? The conclusion can be drawn after our analysis.

1. Connection quality

The AirPods 2 uses the H1 chip, which replaced the W1 in AirPods.

Apple promises that it will speed up the connection of headphones to iPhone by 1.5 times and will reduce latency when playing music by 30%.

The first generation sometimes did not immediately connect to the smartphone. Periodically, even there were problems with the simultaneous connection of two headphones at once. Everything has to happen now instantly and without failure.

ImportantA: AirPods 2 only work with iOS 12.2, macOS 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 and above.

2. Siri

Thanks to the H1 chip, the new AirPods have learned how to call Siri without touching.

To call the voice assistant in the old headphones, you had to tap twice on the body. Enough now say «Hey Siri»for your digital assistant to hear.

3. Autonomy

Apple reports that AirPods 2 last up to 50% longer than AirPods. True, he does not specify in what particular situations.

It’s probably talking mode. If earlier the headphone charge was enough for 2 hours of voice calls, now it’s time increased to 3 hours.

Otherwise, everything is the same: 5 hours when listening to music and an additional 24 hours from the charging case.

4. Charging

AirPods 2 comes with a wireless charging case Qi standard support. This means that you can charge these headphones with any compatible charger.

The first AirPods can only be charged via a Lightning cable. But starting today, Apple offers to buy a separate case with wireless charging. It is compatible with these headphones.

5. Appearance and weight

The AirPods 2 design remains the same as the first generation.

The only detail that sets them apart from AirPods is charge indicator moved to the front of the case. Whereas in old headphones it is located under the cover.

Second generation charging case weighted 2 grams.

In fact, the new AirPods no different from the old. And it is not yet clear how to distinguish the second generation from the first. Unless you try to set up «Hey Siri» — only AirPods 2 can do this.

6. Price

▪️ AirPods — 13,

▪️ AirPods 2 with a regular charging case — 13,

▪️ AirPods 2 with wireless charging case — 16,

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