People scold them for the cheapness of components and sound, make fun of shkolota with fakes, and in general show disdain for one of the most successful brands, allegedly created solely for the sake of show-off.

I won’t hide, sometime I thought so too. Seven years of music school in the piano class and the experience of playing the bass guitar in several groups allowed me to consider myself almost an esthete. Far from audiophile, but nowhere close to Beats headphones. I didn’t even want to touch them.

Everything changed when I began to actively study various gadgets and write about them. I managed to listen to the then wired Beats Solo 2 and make sure you choose the right Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear for comparable money. At the same time, I was convinced that the Bose Soundlink mini simply destroys Beats Pill with comparable sizes.

And then suddenly Apple bought Beats for online music. To me, as a user of Apple technology, at that time it seemed a very strange decision. “After all, Beats is nothing but marketing!” yelled the connoisseur of good sound in me.

But then I realized a few things.

First, Apple has perfected Beats headphones and speakers.
Second: I listened not suitable music.

The day my faith shook


A year ago, in the Barcelona Apple Store, for the sake of interest, I decided to listen to an updated column Pill+. Imagine my surprise when I did not hear wheezing at maximum volume, but felt really powerful bass, almost comparable to Soundlink mini. The brain and ears refused to believe it.

Six months ago, I was brought to Edinburgh, but the local Apple Store did not have AirPods, which I really wanted to purchase at the start of sales for my brand new iPhone 7 Plus. Wireless future, magic, that’s it. But there were Beats Solo 3 Wireless and I decided to give the Beats another chance, remembering the improved sound of their small speaker.

For some reason, in those days, I especially liked listening to the first album Linkin Park, and in these headphones I heard very unusual bass for me and for this release. They just swept away everything in their path and asked very powerful drive. I didn’t like the overall sound signature, but I really enjoyed the bass.

I drove various electronics, rock of different directions, and realized that at the moment these headphones do not suit me. The sound is too dark and tight, not like the wired Momentum, not to mention the B&O BeoPlay H6 and even the very bassy, ​​but detailed Philips Fidelio M2L with Lightning wire.


By that time, I had already accumulated a large collection of my favorite headphones and it was difficult to bribe me with good bass. And there was not much suitable music in my library. Besides, I really wanted to wait for AirPods. Not wait. I ended up leaving Edinburgh with Bose QC35.

Their spacious sound did not leave me indifferent. And what a magical noise reduction there … The way back in the plane was just fabulously quiet and peaceful. It was love at first flight. QC35 owners will understand me. Indescribable feeling of silence which is always with you.

hello again

At the beginning of this year, I started listening to a lot of alternative and instrumental hip-hop, various unusual pop and atmospheric electronica. Around the same time, I realized that the QC35 did not give me as much bass as I would like to hear in some tracks, and at maximum volume they generally lose their power. The sound becomes somewhat flat.

In addition, I wondered about choosing good wireless headphones for warm spring weather, because it was getting hot in the QC35 every day. So I went back to Beats Solo 3but for comparison, I also took for the test Studio Wireless.


Here he is, here the same bass, which I was missing for a lot of new artists. Solo 3 Wireless, with a sharp and daring presentation, perfectly opened up some tracks (including even heavy hardcore compositions), and uniform Studio Wireless expanded the idea of ​​other songs, not forgetting to energetically emphasize basses.

Of course, this is not the sound of the Bose QC35. And not the level of wireless B&O of different models. Maybe something around Parrot Zik. But overall, none of the headphones I’ve tested over the past few years have been able to transmit such bass energy. For me, as a recent bass player, it was damn hot to my ears.

Separately, I note the Studio Wireless noise reduction. In some situations, it turns out to be more effective than the Bose QC35 noise reduction, and this was the second surprising discovery for me. In addition, Beats headphones surprised with good workmanship, thick matte plastic and nice packaging. I expected the worst, to be honest.

So what’s the bottom line?


Even though I got into the sound Beats and finally realized why people fell in love with these particular headphones, I could not stop my search. From Solo 3 Wireless, after a couple of hours of listening, my ears ache, the W1 chip does not always behave stably, and autonomy raises questions.

Why, with the declared 40 hours of work they are discharged by 15-20% for an hour and a half of listening at medium volume? Maybe I was unlucky with the sample, but the impression was spoiled. The good thing is that they charge almost instantly. it great advantage.

The sound of Studio Wireless seemed more pleasant and interesting to me. Even the basses in them are somehow different, more massive, all-encompassing, the detail is much higher and the stage is wider. Alas, they are no less hot than the Bose QC35, and they are much heavier in weight. But now I’m waiting with great interest for the updated version of Studio Wireless with the W1 chip.

I didn’t take the test Beats X and evaluate their sound in comparison with AirPods, which, as it turned out, do not want to stay in my ears properly. It’s a good thing I didn’t blindly buy them earlier.

Why didn’t you take Beats X? I have simply lost the habit of plugs and now I don’t want to put anything in my ears except for earplugs. Apple taught me to EarPods, I even ran with them without problems. With AirPods, alas, you can’t run.


I want to turn to you, can you advise me some good on-ear wireless headphones for a warm spring and summer for city walks? Or maybe there are some other nice wireless earbuds besides the Sony SBH-70? I look forward to your advice.

For my part, I sincerely advise you not to judge Beats according to Internet audiophile connoisseurs who listen mainly to classic rock and various instrumentals. These headphones are not for them. They’re for you Apple Music users who love contemporary alternative pop, hip-hop, electronica, and R&B.

These genres will definitely not interfere Beats-style basses.

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