A cool sound exhibition is taking place . Come and touch the beauty on several floors.

I visited the realm of top sound, where representatives of world-famous acoustics are ready to meet every visitor, guide them through their stands, let them touch and listen to the audiophile “things” they like and even sell them.

Why did I go there?


According to the established tradition, all connoisseurs of good sound, dragon skin headphones and speaker systems, the cost of a normal apartmentcan come to the Aquarium Hotel, at the address: Moscow, Myakinino, Crocus City Hall, from April 20 to 23.

If you want to see, touch and listen to the newest and most expensive headphones, speakers and whole sets of Hi-end acoustics — you are here.

Of course — I have been standing impatiently at the entrance since morningamong the first guests of the exhibition, with a camera at the ready, in order to quickly show you how much there is to see here.

So here’s the review video. Here are footage from the exhibition, headphones, players and more, including a welcome intro by an English-speaking representative of the company Etymoticwhose headphones can be felt for the first time in Russia live:

And now in detail about the new products, if you are too lazy to watch the video:


— my favorite manufacturer of headphones and players for true music lovers.


Particularly attentive people will notice a novelty among the players of this brand at the exhibition — the KANN HiFi player. Not only does it have a built-in amplifier, it also looks strikingly different from other Astell&Kern brand players. Be sure to check it out.

Audio Technica

is a well-established manufacturer of cool HiFi devices in different price ranges for any audiophile.


At the stand of this brand you can get acquainted with brand new headphones DSR9BT and DSR7BT. They have not even gone on sale yet, and you can only check them out at the exhibition.


— revolutionaries who made HiFi players available to everyone.


We reviewed many FiiO players and headphones. This manufacturer really knows a lot about high-quality sound, releasing both sophisticated players and excellent headphones.

All new FiiO can be tested and listened to, of course.

And now a few companies that came to this exhibition for the first time:

Etymotic Russia

is an American brand with 20 years of history in the hearing business.



Etymotic is a household name in the audiophile community: it is an American company with more than 20 years of hearing research and development of headphones for many professions — from professional musicians to shooters and people with increased hearing sensitivity.

The exhibition presents a rich collection of headphones, from premium to quite accessible to ordinary mortals.


– in the production of headphones use components of our own production.



This Taiwanese company is one of the leading manufacturers of world-class headphones, which are based on drivers of their own invention.

If you think that DUNU is not serious, know that many components of this company are used in HiFi headphones from other companies, for example, the same FiiO.

At the moment, DUNU is a leader in the development and production of high-precision membranes with a thickness of 6 to 4 mm, and at the exhibition you can get acquainted with almost the entire line of headphones from this company.


— make portable speakers in the style of «Bazooka» from the movie «Commando».



DreamWave is an American audio company that makes indestructible premium portable acoustics. DreamWave speakers are not afraid of dirt, they look brutal and will appeal to all connoisseurs of military style.

At the DreamWave product show, there is a whole separate booth.


— designer stylish headphones with a touch of the 50s.



This brand is also presented in Russia for the first time. It will be possible to test both wired and Bluetooth models of Master&Dynamic headphones at the stand.

The stand with these novelties is located in room 609.

Are you still here?

If you have read to the end and have not yet run to get ready, I am amazed at your stamina.

I myself was at this exhibition — there are a lot of people here, something interesting happens in every room. You can constantly hear some top acoustics playing — so clear and crystal clear, right up to goosebumps on your hands. Do you get this from good sound?

Tell me about your impressions in the comments.

To have something to tell, remember:

The date: from 20 to 23 April;
Place: Moscow, Aquarium Hotel (Myakinino, Crocus City Hall, rooms 603, 605 and 609 on the 6th floor in particular);
Working hours: from 10 am to 6 pm
Ticket price: in the hotel lobby.


Whole 4 days of crystal sound, newest audio equipment of the highest class and the opportunity to get hold of rare vinyl. Ride without hesitation!

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