Just a couple of years after the introduction of AirPods, each company has tried to release its own vision of fully wireless headphones.

Among them, a leader has emerged: Philips has returned to the Russian (and global) audio market by presenting its first TWS headset for the Philips UpBeat SHB2505 smartphone.

It turned out stylish, fashionable, youthful, and, most importantly, musically. Music lovers will appreciate!

How to make the most fashionable headphones

Each headphone has its own microphone

Philips UpBeat are classic cordless vacuum plugs. By tradition, everything you need is already in the kit: a case, a charging cable and a pair of headphones.

The choice of a standard form factor allowed engineers to concentrate on optimizing the internals for pleasant and high-quality sound of music (a rarity in TWS).

The focus in the design of the model is on comfort and wearing comfort: the headphones fit perfectly in the ear, thanks to the streamlined shape and additional retainer.

Silicone nozzles with «horns» can be removed.

An absolute plus: the UpBeat SHB 2505 color palette ranges from traditional white and black, neat and modest classics, to bright, stylish and bold solutions.

A purple variant with bright pink accents inside the case, and a deep blue version with light blue accents.

The trend for bright accessories will not pass soon, so Philips catered to everyone. Everyone will find their own.

Life hack: in the manufacture of used colored plastic resistant to abrasion and scratches. Ideal for everyday use.

Do not shake out of the case

The case, slightly larger than a matchbox, repeats the color of the headphones and is decorated with a stylish LED indicator, made of matte plastic, and the headphones themselves are made of glossy. To the touch — great!

Installing headphones in a case is possible in the only way: built-in magnets themselves attract them to the charging contactsyou just need to bring it to the right nest.

Lightest TWS

The plastic is a bit flimsy, but the logo indicator hides it.

UpBeat boldly claim the title of the lightest headphones in their segment, 6 grams — a serious achievement for all form factors.

It is worth putting on headphones, it becomes clear: they can be worn all day. A very important characteristic for a headset.

Comfortable soft ear cushions provide excellent passive sound isolation and a comfortable snug fit.

The noise of public transport is muffled almost completely at minimum volume (medium is required in the subway). You can escape from street noise without sound.

In addition, engineers equipped UpBeat «wings» — rubber clips that hold the headphones in the ear. Thanks to them, the fit is phenomenally tight, so the headphones are suitable even for running.

Size doesn’t matter. Acoustics «kids»

Stylish little thing

The size and type of headphones impose size and weight restrictions on the UpBeat. Therefore, Philips engineers have chosen modest 6mm dynamic drivers.

Oh and bass! The size does not affect the volume and sound quality in any way — it is excellent. How did it work?

The point is the volumetric acoustic chamber SHB2505: it amplifies low frequencies and works as a passive crossover, creating the desired volume and musical richness of sound.

UpBeat are invisible in the ears and in the palm of your hand

The right earpiece has a built-in microphone of fairly high quality. Testing shows it from the best side.

For communication, Bluetooth 5.0 is used with a good set of codecs: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP are supported. This is enough for high-quality playback of streaming music.

Thanks to the fifth generation of the protocol, there are no delays in playback, there is no sound out of sync, stuttering and other artifacts of wireless connections.

How many work and with whom?

Charge indication is clear and understandable to anyone

UpBeat works with any source, regardless of their age: we tested them with new and old iPhones, Android smartphones of different generations, computers under macOS and Windows. Even with Bluetooth 2.1!

A cool feature of the UpBeat SBH2505: after the first pairing with the source, the connection occurs automatically. The headphones themselves are also automatically connected to each other, no hassle.

The charge level of the UpBeat UpBeat SHB 2505 can be monitored thanks to the corresponding indicator, which is displayed in the notification area next to the Bluetooth icon, updating in real time.

When paired with a transmitter of the same generation, Philips headphones work at distances up to 15 meters. Reinforced concrete obstacles reduce it by 10-15%.

Chip: A hardware button on each headphone is used for control. To pair with the source, just remove the UpBeat SHB 2505 from the case.

Very compact headphones

You can use one or both earbuds. There are also voice commands when connected (to the source, left and right channels).

  • Single press on any earphone — Play / Pause / Answer to incoming.
  • Long press of the right «ear» button — track forward.
  • Long press of the left «ear» button — track back.
  • Double click on any «ear» calls the voice assistant.

So the model can also be used as a regular hands-free car. A plus.

Each earbud works on one charge 3 hours at medium volume, comfortable for constant wear. The battery of the case allows you to charge them 3 more times without bothering to look for an outlet.

Total: 3 hours of autonomy in the headphones themselves and another 9 in the case, or 12 full hours of work. After that, you will have to wait, since there is no fast charging of the case itself.

Detailed UpBeat sound test

Simplicity is the key to convenience, quality and reliability

The Philips engineers’ emphasis on precise calculations, the right driver and a carefully designed camera paid off. They are made so that the music is nice to hear.

The sound is comfortable and warm. All ranges are well disclosed, although the bias towards low ones is clearly noticeable — comfortable and voluminous, as the average listener likes.

The overall sound is lively, lends itself well to equalization over a wide range. There is enough volume, the mix is ​​legible.

UpBeat sound great. Even better than AirPods

It is worth noting that Philips UpBeat are suitable for listening to any genre of music without restrictions. Rock music, dance and classics — everything is subject to them.

Just as well, the new Philips does the job as a always-wearing headset for phone calls, listening to podcasts and watching videos.

Not surprising, because the soundproofing is sufficient for public transport, the voice of the interlocutor is legible, and the microphone cuts off unnecessary noise well.

Why Philips UpBeat?

They look stylish. And they don’t sound worse.

Why you should opt for Philips UpBeat? These are excellent everyday universal headphones that are always with you: SHB2505 Fits even in the breast pocket of a jacket.

Headphones freely cope with any tasks of a compact headset. And even much more, because it is pleasant to listen to music in them. They want to listen to music.

The result is a very strong offer. Let’s try to summarize.

Specifications Philips UpBeat

  • Frequency response: 20 — 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Bluetooth transmitter range: 2402 — 2480 GHz
  • Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Range: 15 m
  • Earphone battery capacity: 50 mAh
  • Charging case battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Operating time 3 hours (+3 additional charges in the case) — in total with charged headphones in the case — 12 hours

Pros of Philips UpBeat

Logos are nothing but buttons

one. Very compact dimensions. Most analogues are noticeably heavier and larger. Moreover, the question concerns both the entire case and the headphones separately.

2. Nice sound. AT upbeat nice to listen to any music. At any volume, any genre, any time period.

3. The quality of materials and workmanship: here Philips is always on top. High-quality colored plastic in a combination of gloss and matte.

four. Great price and availability at most retailers.

5. A palette of colors for every taste: an absolute advantage of the model. This is the moment when the brand has taken care of the right taste for everyone: brightness is welcome, a classic accessory is also SHB 2505.

Cons of Philips UpBeat

one. Case likes to collect prints, although they are barely visible. Well, you have to pay for beauty.

2. Slow charging of the earphone case.

3. Micro-USB connector, and not the already familiar, modern USB Type-C.

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