AirPods are the first Apple product in the last couple of years that I’ve been really looking forward to.

Firstly, this is really a new device, and not just another iPhone that you take out of the box without looking. The same thing every year.

Secondly, Apple is one of the few companies that still makes in-ear headphones. I couldn’t get used to the “gags” — no matter how I picked up the ear pads, they still fall out. Overhead or full-size — an option for the house, you won’t go for a walk or workout in them.

AirPods are wireless earbuds. For me, this is the best combo, so I pre-ordered them quickly and decisively as soon as they became available. Three months later, I share my impressions.

Thanks for the photo to our reader Alexei Frolov.

They are hard to lose and impossible to forget.


After the presentation, the circus began — everyone tried to “originally” joke about how easy it is to lose them. The Chinese quickly cut through the chip and released the laces to turn wireless headphones into wired ones. Absurd, but many bought.

So, for three months they never fell out. Even if you hit it with your hand, AirPods will remain in your ears, and you won’t have to frantically look for them on the pavement. They sit comfortably in the ear, I would even say perfect. Don’t know more headphones to wear by 10 o’clock per day without any discomfort.

Pulling the headphones out of your ears, you immediately put them in the case. It happens automatically and is so natural that you don’t think about it. The case lid clicked loudly — the headphones are safe.

It happens that you need to get one earpiece to hear what they say to you. In this case, I just hold it in my hand and, when the conversation is over, I put it back on.

Apple’s most customized product


I would give this title to AirPods. They do not just connect via Bluetooth, but are tied to your personal Apple ID. They are given a name — AirPods (Dmitry), in my case. Everything is done to say «We have been working on them for a long time, and now they are only yours.»

After the first connection, all Apple devices in the house know about your AirPods and are ready to work with them. To start listening to music on your iPhone, take the headphones out of the case and put them on — they will connect themselves. Switching to a MacBook or Apple Watch is a matter of a couple of clicks.

How do they sound?


Apple wanted to make a versatile product that would appeal to the majority of users.

Headphones with a comfortable fit and good sound. It is neither amazing nor disgusting — the truth is somewhere in between. They have a good volume margin, and in three months there was no such thing that there was not enough bass or the tops choked.

At the same time, AirPods, in fact, the only today separate wireless earbuds. They have no analogues.

5 hours is a lot or a little?


More than enough when you have a charging case in your pocket that gives them another day of work. I throw the discharged AirPods into it for 15 minutes and listen to music for another three hours.

The case itself will have to be charged about once a week, it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge.

Are there any downsides?


The only thing that really annoys is the inconvenient volume control. Buttons here would be superfluous, but you could come up with gestures. I can call Siri with a double tap, so why not come up with gestures to change tracks and adjust the volume? You have to either call Siri, or turn up the volume on the Apple Watch.

If you have already decided to focus on Siri, then untie it from the Internet. Maybe in the ideal world, Apple Wi-Fi is on every corner, but in the real world there are places where 3G does not always catch.

So take it or not?


If you haven’t decided to buy wireless headphones before, AirPods are a great reason to do it. If you are comfortable with in-ear headphones, there are no AirPods analogues and, it seems, will not be.

Take it now or wait for the second generation? We don’t know when the new model will be released, and what’s the point of waiting? The lack of volume buttons is an inconvenient, but not a critical drawback. Otherwise, they are wonderful.

I do not recommend them only to owners of Android smartphones. You will get regular headphones, the magic only works with Apple devices.

Getting them now is still not easy, but if it appears this opportunity, don’t miss it. I invite AirPods owners to comment, share your impressions.

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