Certain requirements have already been formed for a good home TV. The presence of Smart-TV is no longer discussed, resolution below 4K is suitable only for compact models for kitchens and bedrooms. At the same time, it is desirable to have a high-quality matrix, a wide range of applications (depending on the Smart TV platform) and a sufficient number of ports for connecting external devices. KIVI decided to go even further: the company tried to turn the TV into a real entertainment center. But first things first.


KIVI 55U790LW is primarily remarkable for the body color. Black is considered classic, but sometimes it does not look the best in bright interiors. At least, several people have already asked me: are there big white TVs? Here, please, there are. In a conversation with representatives of KIVI, I found out that in fact, a white case is much more difficult (and more expensive) to manufacture, which is why they are usually not used.

TV looks really original. The frames around the screen are very narrow, almost like in the top models of world manufacturers. True, in the upper part there is a small gap between the screen itself and the frame — I see this for the first time. The bottom frame is traditionally a little wider. At the bottom there is a joystick to control the main functions without a remote control.

V-shaped legs are also narrow, besides symmetrical — if you look, sitting in the center of the screen, you can see only their front parts, while the back ones are hidden. In any case, they almost do not attract attention. Of course, you can also hang the TV on the wall: you need a 200x200mm VESA mount.

Screen and sound

The quality of the matrix is ​​what distinguishes budget models from more advanced ones in the first place. KIVI 55U790LW is still not cheap, but more affordable than analogues from world brands. It is all the more pleasant to see an excellent screen on an HVA matrix here. Resolution — honest 3840×2160 pixels, peak brightness is quite decent: 500 cd / m2. In fact, the image is clearly visible from any angle, except for the sharpest corners. Even opposite the window, the screen does not “fade”. Another important point is the uniform illumination of the Direct LED. On dark frames it is clearly visible.

In image processing,
Several enhancement technologies are used in image processing. These are Super contrast control, which optimally adjusts the contrast in different parts of the screen, and Ultra clean, which is responsible for upscaling video in a small resolution up to 4K. In fact, a fairly saturated picture is obtained without distortion in colors. HDR10 support is also there.

The audio system is represented by two 12-watt speakers. The “Sound by JVC” badge makes it clear that a well-known brand was involved in the development of the system. But the built-in acoustics (albeit with Dolby Digital support) do not show miracles — however, it is better than many competitors. There is no need to listen to the TV at full volume, but even at close to maximum values, serious distortion does not occur.

Remote controller

Huge consoles with a large digital block are gradually becoming a thing of the past. At KIVI 55U790LW, the remote control is minimalistic and “sharpened”, mainly for controlling smart functions. There is no digital block, but there is a joystick and shortcut buttons for popular services (more on them later). Special thanks for the volume off button: very relevant when you need to answer a call while watching TV.

The remote control works on two channels: regular IR and Bluetooth. You need to set up a wireless connection manually, and it’s no more difficult than connecting TWS headphones. The remote has an interesting feature: a pointer on the screen. Approximately the same as we are used to seeing the mouse cursor on the computer screen. Not to say that this is know-how: LG has been offering its Magic Remote for several years now. But again, given the cost of the TV, this option looks almost unique in its segment.


As usual, all connectors are divided into two groups. One is directed to the left side — this is USB, HDMI, 3.5 mm audio output and a CI + slot.

The second is down (everything else). The range and number of connectors are quite sufficient. You can connect to mobile devices via Chromecast without any connectors and wires.

Smart TV

The TV runs on Android TV, and this is the most rational solution for today. As usual, you will need to enter a Google account, after which you can download the necessary applications from the store and use the voice assistant. The microphone is installed in the remote control, a separate button is used to call the Assistant. The amount of memory is not a record (1.5 GB of RAM and 8 permanent, of which only half is available to the user), but this is enough. Light lags arose only when trying to quickly type something on the on-screen keyboard — in general, the interface works smoothly and without delay.

Separately, it should be noted its own content system KIVI MEDIA. It contains several sections.

TV channels. Implemented on the basis of the OKKO cinema. Free registration is not required, if you want something extra, you will need to create an account and pay for a subscription. What is convenient — you can watch the main TV channels without connecting an antenna. What is not convenient — in order to change the channel, you need to go to the main menu. So it’s better to set up the channels in the traditional way.

Movies. Everything is also classic: there are free films from OKKO and MEGOGO. Directly in the applications you can find any other, but for money.

Workout. Now that’s an exclusive. In the section you can find full-fledged training complexes in the recording, as well as «live» remote training. True, to access the latter, you will need to register through a phone number. It is possible to fully train at home in our “pandemic” time, it will definitely not be superfluous.

Games. It’s not even about simple ones for Android TV, but about full-fledged titles through the Boosteroid cloud gaming service. That is, without any productive hardware, you can play Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V or PUBG. The application supports the connection of most controllers: Defender «Blast» and «X7», RedDragon Titanium, GameSir «G3s» and «T4 Pro», Dexp G-M2, Xiaomi MI MDZ-11-AA, T-3 Wireless Controller, Mocute-054MX , Terios T12, iPEGA PG-9078, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Sony Dualshock 4 and up.

If there should be no problems with video content, then there are certain nuances with gaming. For example, you have to take care of good communication quality. I tried to connect the TV to the router via a 2.4 GHz network, but the speed was insufficient, although the router itself was literally one and a half meters from the TV and did not serve any other device. With switching to 5 GHz, the situation has improved, but for guaranteed high speed it is better to connect with a cable.

There are many free games in the catalog of games. But even to use them, you will need to log into the account of the digital store that distributes the game.

An unexpected moment: in the Boosteroid application, the remote pointer stops working, and the connected wireless keyboard turns into a large joystick. That is, you still have to enter your login / password through the on-screen keyboard (but you can run along it with the physical arrows).

Total: our opinion about KIVI 55U790LW

Despite the youth of the brand (it is only 5 years old), the TV of the new line turned out to be quite successful. It has good hardware, thin bezels and an interesting white body color, almost pure Android and a convenient remote control… KIVI MEDIA will obviously develop further, but even at the moment it can be in demand among gamers and fitness enthusiasts. Of course, fitness classes can be found on the Internet, and the cloud gaming application can be downloaded from the store. But everything is already there, it remains only to turn it on. Even if we ignore all these fashionable «chips», a 55-inch TV with a good matrix for 500$. is a good suggestion in itself.

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