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15 Best Home Acoustic Kits — Ogogo

Place Name Characteristic in the rating
The best inexpensive acoustics: budget up to 100$.
one BBK MA-880S The best ratio of price and quality
2 Yamaha NS-P150 The most affordable acoustic package
3 Defender Hollywood 35 Best price
The best mid-range acoustic kits: budget up to 400$
one JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass Best value for money sound quality
2 Canton Movie 75 Studio sound for little money
3 Samsung HW-N650 Wireless connection
The best premium acoustic kits: budget up to 800$.
one LG SL9Y Surround sound like in a movie theater
2 Jamo S 809 HCS Wide frequency range (36 to 26000 Hz)
3 Wharfedale Movie Star DX-1 Ideal for movies and games
The best super premium acoustic kits
one Focal Pack Dome 5.1 Best sound quality
2 Bose Acoustimass 10 The most popular set. User Choice
3 KEF E305 The best sound (max. frequency 45000 Hz). The most unusual design
The best acoustic kits with 7.1 sound
one DALI Opticon 5 7.1 Elite acoustics of excellent quality
2 YAMAHA YSP-5600 Great sound and great functionality
3 YAMAHA YSP-2700 Compact sound projector

Connecting to a computer: instructions

Connecting speakers to a computer is carried out in several stages:

  • There are three (sometimes more) round-shaped inputs on the back of the PC. Plug the front speakers into the green jack.
  • Next to the green entrance should be blue. A subwoofer is connected to it.
  • Speakers are connected to the mains. Many models have an indicator light. It will light up when connected to the mains.
  • We turn on the computer. In most cases, the system itself will install the necessary drivers. If this does not happen, then the drivers are downloaded from the device manufacturer’s website. Sometimes they are on the disk that comes with the kit. After installing the drivers, the computer restarts and the new device should work properly.

The 9 Best Computer Speakers With a 2.1 Subwoofer

It is difficult for a buyer to make a choice, especially when a wide range of acoustics is presented in the store. There is no need to study the features of each model. It is enough to find out which speakers produce the clearest sound and are highly reliable. These devices include the following models.


Stylish and compact 2.1 speakers that do not take up much space on the owner’s desk, but at the same time provide high-quality sound at any volume. They have a good power of 35 watts.

The body is made of MDF, which makes the sound more pleasant and allows them to look decent in any interior. In addition, every music lover will tell you that an MDF cabinet will provide a better acoustic effect, unlike cheaper plastic. As for the subwoofer, it is not inferior in quality to the speakers. It produces powerful and deep bass without unpleasant rattling.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not enough high frequencies.


The manufacturer of the model has relied on style and workmanship. The front part of the speakers has a stylish plastic element. The rest of the body is made of MDF. The 70mm drivers are housed under a black metal cover, each delivering 10W of excellent sound.

On the front of the subwoofer are the controls along with a small LED display. A nice touch is the support for FM radio. Mids and highs work well even at high volumes. The overall picture of excellent sound is complemented by the low frequencies of the subwoofer.


  • Expressive design.
  • The presence of a control panel.
  • Possibility to adjust low and high frequencies.
  • Modest dimensions.
  • The mute button is located on the back of the subwoofer, which is not very convenient.

Ginzzu GM-425

The main advantages of these 2.1 speakers are the low price and the high total power of 60 watts. Avid music lovers will appreciate the ability to adjust the frequencies, there are equalizer presets. During music playback, the owner will be able to enjoy expressive bass.

The control panel and the color display provide in addition convenience at operation. A stylish look to the speakers is given by the illumination of the volume knob. Flash drives and Bluetooth connectivity are supported.

Ginzzu GM-425

  • The presence of a display.
  • Support FM radio.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Strong bass.
  • The front plastic panel is of poor quality.


At the first glance at the speakers and the subwoofer, it immediately becomes clear that the manufacturer did not save on materials. The body is entirely made of MDF without the use of cheap plastic. This has a positive effect on the sound quality. The front side has a beautiful glossy finish. The built-in display with red backlighting complements the successful style solution. The characters on the screen are large, making it easy to see them even from a decent distance. Comes with a small remote control.

Although the model belongs to the budget segment, it will please with good sound quality. Of course, it cannot be called ideal. Music lovers are fond of high frequencies, but the average buyer will be quite satisfied with the pleasant bass and lack of rattling at maximum volume.


  • Low price.
  • High build quality.
  • Powerful subwoofer for deep bass.
  • There is a control panel.
  • Inconveniently located power button.

Defender Tornado

With a stylish design, these 2.1 subwoofer speakers will look good next to your computer. Their front side is covered with a plastic cover with rounded corners. Controls are located on the subwoofer case, and under them there is a volume control drum with a small illuminated strip.

The total acoustic power is 60 W, which is more than enough for music and movies. In general, the sound quality is at a decent level, although sophisticated music lovers will notice a slight dominance of mids and highs.

Defender Tornado

  • Ease of setup.
  • Modern design.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Bluetooth support.
  • Short wires.

Dialog AP-250

Fans of pure sound without distortion will be completely satisfied with this model. Plus, the subwoofer will please with deep bass. An important advantage is high power (80 W), which will delight guests at a noisy party.

Properly located phase inverters, as well as a sufficient thickness of MDF boxes, contribute to the quality. Therefore, the sound will be not only clear and powerful, but also voluminous. There is a connector for 2 microphones, which is useful if you want to sing a duet.

Dialog AP-250

  • There are slots for memory cards and USB.
  • Detailed clear sound without distortion.
  • High power.
  • Possibility of control by means of the panel.
  • Quickly soiled glossy materials.

Logitech Z533

Powerful 60W computer speaker system, great for games, movies and music. When playing sound, deep low frequencies are perfectly audible. The active subwoofer has a separate volume control. This increases the convenience of adjusting the bass to the preferences of the music lover. Another advantage is juicy bass.

When creating the model, the manufacturer used full-range cones, which will provide a comprehensive sound. The model is equipped with several inputs, thanks to which you can connect not only a computer, but also a TV or a mobile device to it.

Logitech Z533

  • Convenient remote.
  • Compactness.
  • Quality subwoofer.
  • Deep sound.
  • When idle, they make a slight background noise.

creative stage

Good speakers with a 2.1 subwoofer that have an attractive appearance thanks to the glossy plastic housing. Rubberized buttons on the panel make using the device more convenient. Below are the legs, which not only give stability, but also dampen the vibrations that occur when playing sounds.

The external block «subwoofer» has an elongated body. It is equipped with a phase inverter and a woofer type. The sound produced by the device is lively and rich, and when listening to some songs, you even feel the effect of a three-dimensional scene.

creative stage

  • Excellent low frequencies.
  • High build quality.
  • Small size.
  • Availability of LED display.
  • Short power cable.

Edifier S351DB

If high quality of a sound is first of all important for the buyer, then this model will completely satisfy him in this aspect. The speakers are great friends with any musical genre, from classic to modern trends. A perfectly balanced speaker system will provide excellent sound without wheezing and unpleasant hum, regardless of the selected volume.

Watching a movie is a pleasure, the owner will enjoy a cinematic sound, where all low-frequency elements will be clearly audible. Three knobs located on the right side of the speaker are responsible for controlling the frequencies and volume.

Edifier S351DB

  • Solid appearance.
  • Crisp bass combined with high quality sound.
  • Solid power reserve.
  • The presence of bluetooth.
  • Right speaker short cable.

Which speaker to choose for music in an apartment or house

If you need inexpensive acoustics for your home, it is recommended to choose BEHRINGER Truth B2030A. This shelf model has a built-in amplifier, so you don’t have to buy anything else. And yes, it does sound good.

If the speaker is bought to connect to a home theater, then the premium model, Magnat Quantum 677, will cope with this task.

  1. What is the most powerful acoustics in the world The power of Quantum 677 speakers reaches 350 watts. This is enough to pump music not only in an apartment, but also in a rather large building. However, there are acoustic speakers that outperform Quantum by 10 or even 15 times. We are talking about Ultra-Slim ARRAY acoustics from the Bose brand, the power of which was 4900 watts. The manufacturer himself claimed that the peak power of the speakers is as much as 11,000 watts, but this is hard to believe.
    There is information that there is a column and more powerful. According to the source, it was produced by an illegal Japanese company that never patented it. Its power reached 7800 watts.

Comparison of price and features

A visual table will allow you to compare the characteristics and cost of each of the considered models:

Model Subwoofer / speakers power, W Dimensions of subwoofer / speakers, mm Subwoofer dimensions, mm Speaker dimensions, mm Average price, rub.
CROWN MICRO CMS-350 15/10 1×101.6/ 1×76.2 250x151x281 110x180x115 3 250
OKLICK OK-441 30/10 1×100/ 1×70 160x260x305 100x150x100 3450
Ginzzu GM-425 30/15 1×133.4/ 1×76.2 170x312x330 105x202x116 3 690
SVEN MS-302 20/10 1×128/ 1×77 159x272x245 104x171x108 3 800
Defender Tornado 30/15 1×133.4/ 1×76.2 n/a n/a 5 290
Dialog AP-250 50/15 1×165/ 1×25.4, 1×101.6 230x404x310 140x401x130 6 829
Logitech Z533 30/15 1×133/ 1×66 255x265x195 100x170x85 7490
creative stage 40/20 n/a 115x420x250 550x70x78 9990
Edifier S351DB n/a 1×203.2/ 1×25.4, 1×88.9 265x289x312 127x222x156 22 000

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