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TOP 18 best models of 2021, how to choose a powerful device with a radio and good sound — Ogogo

A portable speaker is not a new device on the market designed for comfortable listening to music. How to choose the best option among the variety of models will tell you an overview of the best-selling wireless devices.

Modern smartphones are still not able to produce high-quality and rich sound, because they are not able to accommodate good speakers.

That’s why music lovers prefer portable speakers — compact, but at the same time powerful deviceswhich allow you to listen to music at any time convenient for the user.

The choice of portable devices is huge, but after learning more about popular models, everyone can find the right gadget.

Rating of the TOP 18 best portable speakers

Place Model Price
The best models in terms of price and quality ratio
#one JBL GO 2
#2 Sony SRS-XB12
#3 Hopestar A20
#four Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker
Models with radio
#2 JBL Horizon
#3 Ginzzu GM-886B
#four SVEN PS-460
The best moisture resistant models
#one JBL Charge 3
#2 JBL Charge 4
#four JBL Xtreme 2
#5 JBL Flip 5
The best powerful models from 50 W
#one Harman/Kardon Go + Play Mini
#2 Marshall Stanmore II
#3 JBL Boombox 2
#four DIGMA S-38

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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker 2

stylish design;
compact dimensions;

capacious battery;

sound purity;

build quality.

there is no option to switch tracks;

there is no option to play from other media.

Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

Functional column, characterized by compact dimensions and low weight. The body of the product is made of durable metal, which is why it has increased wear resistance. Equipped with 2 stereo speakers with a total power of 16 watts. The case has an IPX7 class of moisture protection, which will allow you to immerse the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker in water at 1 m for 30 minutes.

To connect the speaker to devices, the Bluetooth 5.0 interface or standard AUX is used. If necessary, Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker can be combined with another similar one for more surround sound. The speaker is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs.

Due to the presence of a Bluetooth-interface in the model, the convenience of managing the product is achieved. The design of the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with a 300 mAh battery, which will allow you to work without interruption for 4 hours. The device is charged via the USB Type-C port.

light weight

How to choose a portable speaker?

In order to become the owner of equipment that is suitable in all respects, it is important to understand the specifics of portable acousticsas well as get acquainted with the main technical indicators of the devices in question.

Keep in mind! When buying, you need to consider:

  • sound power. The maximum volume of the equipment depends on this parameter. Models with a rating of 15-20 watts will produce sound louder than the average computer audio system. And the volume of speakers with an indicator of 40-60 W can be compared with car acoustics;
  • frequency range. The larger it is, the fuller and deeper the reproduced sound will be. The best option would be a device with an indicator of 50-20000 Hz;
  • type of wireless connection. There are three options: Bluetooth, NFS and Wi-Fi. Experts call the last option the most successful. However, the presence of Bluetooth will allow you to play music from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, which is very convenient;
  • additional functionality. In addition to its main duties, the device can perform the function of a radio receiver. In addition, the presence of a microphone will allow you to talk with loved ones on the phone on a speakerphone;
  • weight and dimensions. Carrying around a bulky design is not the most pleasant experience. It is good if the speaker is lightweight and compact in size — it will be convenient to take it with you anywhere.

What to look for when choosing?

Before you buy a portable speaker, when choosing, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power. It characterizes the maximum possible volume of a portable speaker. Small pocket speakers are usually endowed with a power of 2-3 watts. More powerful devices can have a power of 5-10 watts.
  • Battery capacity. Great autonomy is one of the main advantages of a portable speaker. The higher the battery capacity, the better. But at the same time, the weight and dimensions of the device are also higher.
  • interfaces. The more external interfaces a portable speaker has, the more devices it can synchronize with. Most often, these are Bluetooth, a 3.5 mm jack and a USB port. In addition, there are speakers with NFC, Wi-Fi and other wireless and wired connection options.

Popular Models

Note! Specialty stores are filled with tried and tested portable speakers from world famous brands.

Which of them you should pay special attention to, will tell you an overview of the best devices.

The best models in terms of price and quality ratio

The TOP-4 rating is the best models that can be distinguished in terms of price and quality ratio.


A well-designed device aimed at high-performance work in any conditions.

Waterproof multifunctional speaker that can stream music via Bluetooth wireless connection for up to five hours.

Among the additional features there is an automatic shutdown function — the device will not be discharged if the user forgets to turn it off on his own.


  • power — 3 W;
  • frequency range — 180-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 5 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 7.1×8.6×3.2 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.18 kg.


  • the presence of a capacious battery;
  • belonging to a high class of moisture protection;
  • nice external design;
  • stable operation without breakdowns;
  • compactness and modest weight.


  • low sound power;
  • high frequencies sag;
  • sound distortion at maximum power is possible.

Sony SRS-XB12

A versatile device that is convenient to take with you on trips and on walks with friends.

A unique speaker system with full liquid protection, which will make every user’s life more rhythmic.

The battery charge lasts for 16 hours of continuous operation, which indicates the presence of a capacious lithium battery.

For stereo sound, the owner can connect two speakers wirelessly.


  • power — 20 W;
  • frequency range — 20-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 16 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 7.4×9.2×7.4 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.24 kg.


  • ergonomic waterproof case;
  • presentable non-trivial design;
  • low weight of the structure;
  • the presence of a microphone;
  • acceptable price.


  • charge indicator is not provided;
  • too easily soiled body coating;
  • no auto shut off feature.

Hopestar A20

Spectacular model from the middle price category, which will appeal to beginners and experienced users.

Portable acoustics from a well-known brand, equipped with two passive radiators and a line input.

The device has a nice design and small size, so it will be a good addition to the image — you can take the device both for a walk and for a picnic.

A feature of the model is a waterproof case.


  • power — 40 W;
  • frequency range — 100-20000 Hz;
  • operating time — 4 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 37x22x22 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 3 kg.


  • extended range of reproducible frequencies;
  • long warranty and operation period;
  • moisture protection;
  • high level of security;
  • fast charging of the device.


  • structure weight;
  • inconvenient built-in handle for transportation;
  • This model does not include a radio.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

A stylish gadget from a Chinese giant company, whose technology is famous for its wide functionality.

Smart wireless stereo speakers, the modest size of which does not affect the quality of the reproduced music at all.

The user will be pleased with two speakers providing a clear and deep sound, as well as an unusual design.

The device is connected to the carrier via Bluetooth.


  • power — 6 W;
  • frequency range — 85-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 8 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 16.8×5.8×2.5 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.27 kg.


  • natural sound in the open air;
  • powerful and clear sound;
  • unusual design design;
  • miniaturization and light weight;
  • nice metal body.


  • no radio module provided;
  • long adjustment of the optimal volume;
  • ill-conceived set.

Models with radio

Portable speaker with radio — the same battery-powered radio receiver, only with much more functionality.

Note! There are powerful high-quality speakers, and the ability to connect the device to other devices, as well as a rechargeable battery.

Advanced models are usually complemented by a display, a clock, an alarm clock and a calendar — all for the comfort of the user for a reasonable amount.

TOP 5 best models with a radio and good sound according to customer reviews and ratings.


A worthy model with a radio, which has an interesting design and an elementary control system.

A budget model enclosed in a waterproof case, thanks to which the owner can safely use the device on the beach.

With external music sources, the design is synchronized via Bluetooth 4.2 — it takes only a few seconds.


  • power — 25 W;
  • frequency range — 65-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 10 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 28.2x18x14.5 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 2 kg.


  • preset microphone;
  • reliable protection against moisture ingress;
  • sophistication and elegance;
  • high quality materials;
  • memory card support.


  • the appliance takes a long time to charge;
  • the need for careful cleaning;
  • Not the most informative instruction manual included.

JBL Horizon

High quality equipment designed for comfortable music playback.

A universal sound machine with a built-in clock and an alarm clock — now you can wake up to your favorite sound mod, and most importantly — on time.

The appliance is complemented by a small display for convenience, as well as a line input for connecting a cable.

A radio tuner is also included.


  • power — 10 W;
  • frequency range — 70-20000 Hz;
  • operating time — no data;
  • battery — from the network;
  • dimensions — 18.3x16x8.6 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.89 kg.


  • the presence of a radio tuner;
  • equipment multifunctionality;
  • excellent rich and deep sound;
  • the presence of a shutdown timer;
  • The display shows the date and time.


  • the appliance cannot work without a wire;
  • too bright screen backlight;
  • impossibility of remote control.

Ginzzu GM-886B

An effective device, which is easy to work with and very convenient.

A very nice wireless speaker with an equalizer with the ability to independently choose the optimal mode for playing music.

The device has an extended frequency range — this makes it possible to enjoy the semitones of your favorite tracks.


  • power — 6 W;
  • frequency range — 100-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 15 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 29×16.9×18 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 1.74 kg.


  • non-trivial design;
  • powerful subwoofer;
  • the device is equipped with a small display;
  • support for memory cards;
  • deep and voluminous sound.


  • wireless connection signal stability;
  • long sound setup;
  • inconvenient button placement.


An ultra-modern device designed for real music lovers.

A full-featured model with the widest range of features that will open up a whole new world for quality music lovers.

Wireless stereo speakers will impress the user with long battery life, a built-in microphone for long conversations, as well as ease of use.


  • power — 18 W;
  • frequency range — 100-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 12 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 39x19x16 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 1.75 kg.


  • the device is equipped with a display;
  • acceptable design dimensions;
  • simple design;
  • the absence of unnecessary elements;
  • intuitive control system.


  • the device does not have a charge indicator;
  • rapid contamination of the plastic case;
  • long pairing with other devices.


The top model, which is one of the brightest representatives of the rating.

A noticeably improved model with two passive radiators and a radio tuner, with which you can not only listen to downloaded tracks, but also enjoy radio broadcasts, easily tuning in to the desired wave.

The body of the structure is reliably protected from moisture — this eliminates the possibility of breakage in case of accidental penetration of liquid.


  • power — 8 W;
  • frequency range — 65-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 8 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 6.6×1.8×6.6 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.44 kg.


  • solid design;
  • excellent sound without interference;
  • long service life;
  • low price;
  • detailed instructions for use included.


  • The device needs a lot of time to charge;
  • the body is easily dirty;
  • scratches may appear.

The best moisture resistant models

A selection of devices with excellent moisture resistant properties.

JBL Charge 3

A safe to use device that can last without breakdowns for many years.

Wireless stereo speakers with a built-in microphone, equipped with a line output and a wide range of reproducible frequencies, which makes it possible to listen to high-quality music without hindrance.

Bluetooth 4.1 is used for data transfer.

A pleasant discovery will be the design — stylish, fashionable, youthful.


  • power — 20 W;
  • frequency range — 65-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 15 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 8.7×21.3×8.8 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.8 kg.


  • attractive appearance;
  • stable operation and fast connection of devices;
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • long warranty period;
  • low price.


  • slight plastic smell;
  • the device takes a long time to charge;
  • equipment is rather poor.

JBL Charge 4

Functional speaker system that guarantees rich sound reproduction.

Wireless monoacoustics belonging to a high class of moisture protection.

The device is equipped with a capacious lithium battery, thanks to which it will work for 20 hours without recharging.

Among the additional options there is an automatic shutdown. A full charge will take approximately 5.5 hours.


  • power — 30 W;
  • frequency range — 60-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 20 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 22×9.5×9.3 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.96 kg.


  • excellent protection against water;
  • instant connection with a smartphone;
  • stylish design of the model;
  • acceptable overall dimensions and weight;
  • durable battery.


  • lack of a cover in the kit for transportation;
  • at high volume, the sound loses quality a little;
  • indistinct middle.


An attractive model that combines ultra-ergonomics and high-quality sound.

Modern wireless monoacoustics, distinguished by an extended range of reproducible frequencies.

It will take no more than three hours to fully charge the sound equipment, after which the device will be able to work for about 10 hours.


  • power — 3.3 W;
  • frequency range — 120-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 10 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 9.7×13.7×4.6 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.22 kg.


  • powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery;
  • interesting and unusual design in the form of a handbag;
  • instant synchronization with other devices;
  • democratic price;
  • small dimensions.


  • there is no charge indicator on the case;
  • not enough bass;
  • the column is inconvenient to cling to the belt.

JBL Xtreme 2

Nice portable gadget that will give you the opportunity to enjoy rich sound.

Presented in a rubberized housing, an electrical appliance, complemented by fabric and aluminum inserts, capable of impressing even experienced users.

If necessary, the user can rinse the device by cleaning it of dirt under the tap.

The main thing is not to immerse it completely in water, removing pollution only from the speaker.


  • power — 40 W;
  • frequency range — 55-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 15 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 28.8×13.6×13.2 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 2.39 kg.


  • the ability to use as an external battery;
  • charger and strap included;
  • fast recharging;
  • preset microphone;
  • two passive radiators.


  • belt mount is covered with scratches;
  • the design is heavy;
  • overcharge.

JBL Flip 5

A versatile device ideal for extended listening to music.

An electrical appliance enclosed in a waterproof case of increased durability, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite music for 12 hours without a break for recharging.

You can take the device anywhere, because it has a miniature size and light weight.


  • power — 20 W;
  • frequency range — 65-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 12 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 18.1×6.9×7.4 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 0.54 kg.


  • excellent assembly and high quality materials;
  • excellent sound in any environment;
  • the device holds a charge for a long time;
  • thoughtful design;
  • sound at the level of professional full-size speakers.


  • the charging port is not closed with a plug;
  • for charging, the structure must be placed edgewise;
  • The device requires careful cleaning.

The best powerful models from 50 W

The largest and most powerful devices with a power of 50 watts.

Harman/Kardon Go + Play Mini

A high-powered model that has absolutely everything a true music lover needs.

A reliable device from an American company specializing in the development of automotive and consumer electronics, as well as multifunctional equipment for listening to music in comfort.

The electric appliance is equipped with a long-lasting battery — it guarantees uninterrupted operation and fast recharging.


  • power — 100 W;
  • frequency range — 50-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 8 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 42.8×21.2×18.2 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 3.43 kg.


  • fast wireless connection;
  • built-in microphone;
  • high total sound power;
  • long battery life;
  • cute appearance.


  • impressive dimensions;
  • small Bluetooth signal coverage;
  • equipment.

Marshall Stanmore II

A well-designed portable device, which is one of the best-selling in the domestic market.

Focused on the interaction between the user and the voice assistant, the audio system is the most versatile in the model line from the English manufacturer.

Featuring a branded logo and textured vinyl, the durable construction is simple and tasteful.


  • power — 30 W;
  • frequency range — 50-20000 Hz;
  • operating time — no data;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 35×19.5×18.5 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 4.65 kg.


  • versatility of operation;
  • high level of security;
  • classic design;
  • build quality and materials used;
  • excellent sound.


  • uneven distribution of volume on a scale;
  • difficult pairing of the speaker with a smartphone;
  • overcharge.

JBL Boombox 2

Large portable audio system presented in a shockproof case.

Ergonomically designed portable speaker with built-in microphone.

With a rugged waterproof design, the device can be used on the beach and can handle almost any weather conditions.


  • power — 80 W;
  • frequency range — 50-20000 Hz;
  • working time — 24 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 48.4×25.6×20.1 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 5.9 kg.


  • balanced sound;
  • multifunctionality of the device;
  • absolute safety of operation;
  • stylish design;
  • affordable price.


  • dimensions of the equipment and its weight;
  • equipment;
  • information content of the instruction manual.


Wireless audio equipment that impresses with powerful sound and high technical performance.

Model with full range speaker and display, equipped with a radio tuner.

For ease of use and transportation, the device is supplemented with an ergonomic handle.

Additional features include a speaker synchronization function.


  • power — 60 W;
  • frequency range — 80-16000 Hz;
  • working time — 10 hours;
  • battery — your own;
  • dimensions — 53.3×23.9×17.8 cm;
  • weight with batteries — 4.5 kg.


  • worthy appearance;
  • built-in equalizer;
  • wide frequency range;
  • excellent value for money;
  • the ability to play music from a flash drive.


  • front speakers are not protected from mechanical damage;
  • there is no connector for connecting small flash drives;
  • inconvenient volume buttons.

JBL PartyBox On-The-Go

quality assembly;
good sound;

sufficient power;

deep bass;

there is a backlight;

nice design.

insufficient battery capacity.

JBL Pulse 4

Functional and stylish speaker that has an ergonomic design and supports backlighting. The case of Pulse 4 is made of durable plastic, protected from moisture (IPX7), which will allow you to use the device even in bad weather. Power Pulse 4 is equal to 20 W, its connection to devices is carried out using Bluetooth 4.2.

A characteristic feature of the product will be the ability to combine with similar speakers in order to obtain stereo sound. The original design of Pulse 4 will allow the sound to diverge in different directions, which is possible thanks to the massive speakers. The function buttons make it possible to adjust the sound volume.

A battery with a capacity of 7260 mAh will allow the speaker to work for 12 hours: all this time, the music is accompanied by a bright LED show. With the JBL Connect app, you can change the way colors respond to sounds, change light modes, and more.

Stylish design


When choosing a portable speaker, you need to remember the following:

  • key technical indicators are common output power, frequency response and battery life;
  • pay attention to the type of battery, the maximum charging timeas well as a well-thought-out system of protection against moisture ingress;
  • the presence of a built-in microphone may affect the cost of the device, but it will be much more convenient to work with it;
  • It is necessary to take into account the presence of additional functionality — many users prefer models with a radio and a built-in microphone;
  • an important role in the choice of wireless equipment is played by the dimensions and weight of the structure — ideally The device should be easy to use and transport.

JBL Clip 4

nice design;
quality assembly;

sound quality;

compact dimensions;

light weight;

holds a charge for a long time.

bad high frequencies.


A functional speaker designed specifically for music lovers who need a compact and reliable solution. GO 3 is compact and can last up to 5 hours on a charge. The device charges within 4 hours.

The speaker has a power of 4.2 W, which reproduces rich sound without distortion, regardless of the volume. GO 3 connects to gadgets using Bluetooth 5.1, equipped with a USB Type-C port. The device is resistant to adverse external influences and is suitable for outdoor activities.

GO 3 is comfortable to carry in a bag or backpack, as well as in pockets. Convenient fastening makes it possible to comfortably fix the portable speaker on clothes, a backpack or other object.

small mass

Xiaomi Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Blue)

sound quality;
compact dimensions;

light weight;

nice design;

have a microphone;

build quality.

bass is missing.

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The column harmoniously combines stylish design, reliable assembly and functionality. Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker provides high-quality sound and allows you to enjoy clear vocals, sound effects in movies and deep bass in audio tracks.

The case is made of plastic and metal, the total weight of the model is 380 g. Due to the build quality, the Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is highly resistant to external damage. The speaker with a diameter of 5.2 cm provides volume and richness of sound frequencies. A 2600 mAh battery allows the speaker to operate on a single charge for up to 8 hours.

The speaker connects easily to Android and iOS devices. The design provides a Bluetooth 5 module, which provides a reliable connection and stable communication with various gadgets. The integrated microphone allows you to receive calls and use the device for talking.

Convenient volume control

Xiaomi Mi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

convenient volume control;
effective moisture protection;

compact dimensions;

quality assembly;

sufficient autonomy.

bad high frequencies.


Xiaomi Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini

Convenient wireless mini-speaker for walks and long trips. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini features rich sound, sufficient autonomy and shock-resistant housing. An integrated 2000 mAh battery allows the column to work continuously for 10 hours, which is quite a good indicator for this class of devices.

Universal Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility ensures the instrument is easy to pair with mobile devices on different operating systems. The noise-canceling microphone allows you to use the speaker’s Bluetooth speaker in speakerphone mode to receive calls. A characteristic feature will be a modern USB Type-C charging port. The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Mini supports the TWS wireless connection option, so you can make a pair of 2 similar speakers for stereo surround sound.

The column has an effective dust and moisture protection class IP55 and a shock-resistant case. Thanks to its compact dimensions and shape, the device can easily fit in a bag. The weight of the model is 185 g, and therefore you will not experience discomfort even on long journeys.

light weight

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